Tentmakers: Equipping Yourself For The Digital Economy Will Liberate You! (Final part)

In many African countries, people find it so difficult to build a successful business, which is not based on contracts with governments or local authorities. This is why so many people believe that it is not possible to be in big business unless you are somehow connected to those in power or high places. It is after all those in power who control government contracts, and projects.
So, many believe that to build a successful business you must either have a powerful relative, kinsman, or you pay bribes.

What I have been trying to show you, through this and other posts, is that:

Tentmakers: Equipping Yourself For The Digital Economy Will Liberate You!
..............(Taken from a song, that I like to sing, when I need to challenge something taken as conventional wisdom)

There is a lot of business opportunities that you can pursue successfully without being dependent on governments, or powerful connections.
The Internet, and the mobile revolution, have liberated us to build a new generation of businesses, and social enterprises, that play by a different set of rules.

If you learn things like "HTML Coding", and how to "sell Online", you can equip yourself with the capacity to build a new generation of business, which allows you to sell your goods and services, not only to people in your country,but even beyond, almost instantly.

You can build businesses like Alibaba, Weibo, Tencent, Facebook, Yookos, Twitter, and such like. You will not need to fight for contracts, and tenders, or land, or mineral rights, or an oil block.

You will not need to raise big bank loans to start, or rent expensive premises. You will not need to move to the big city in your country. You will not need to go to Silicon Valley. You and your friends can work from a small kitchen, somewhere, even in Kibera (a big slum in Nairobi).
Tentmakers: Equipping Yourself For The Digital Economy Will Liberate You!
As Jack Ma of Alibaba showed us, you do not need to be an engineer or rocket scientist:
-If you are a school teacher, you can start posting lessons for African children, even tomorrow.
-If you are a nurse you can share some of your health tips, online, even tomorrow.
- if you are a farmer or agri-entrepreneur, you can earn more money, than ever before, by using these new tools.

Just imagine what would happen to your country and Africa, if you too could launch a business, like Alibaba, or Tencent? Each one of these businesses is worth more than all the diamonds in Zimbabwe, and Botswana. Their combined value is almost the size of the Nigerian economy! The trend we are seeing in China, that gave way for companies like Alibaba, and Tencent to emerge is also coming to Africa.

Even if all you just want is a job; then equip yourself, for the greatest job revolution in modern history, DIGITAL JOBS!!!!
There is already $5bn, worth of jobs every year, being done by young Africans, from their homes and Internet cafes.... Right now, in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa! This is growing, quickly, and you can be part of this revolution, within 6 months; making money for your family, and earning foreign exchange for your economy!

Most goods and services will be sold Online, within 10 years, as everyone will have a smartphone or a tablet. And those who will hear my clarion call to develop their businesses, and social enterprises using this medium of the Internet, will reap the benefits, in a big, BIG way. Only you must get in quickly!

Let this Internet liberate you, from today!


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