Be Consummate About What You Do!

Last week, I attended an international conference, where I was a keynote speaker on the subject of Mobile Money Transfer services. The audience, wanted to know how our company had built one of the most successful services of its kind known as, Ecocash. One of the first things I did was to show them a slide, showing, "key performance indicators", based on a comparison with similar services, in other parts of the world, such as Kenya's M-PESA (the best such service in the world). This is "benchmarking": how you are doing against the best, in your game.

I told them, that we did not "invent" Mobile Money Transfer service, but we studied carefully what others had done all over the world. Our teams, went on field visits, to countries, like Kenya, and the Philippines.

Be Consummate About What You Do!
Our people also did "focus group" studies with customers, to try and evaluate their needs. Then we ran a pilot service, for many months, which we used to evaluate customer responses, and redesign the product.

When you are in a business, you must join associations, (both local and international), so that you can exchange ideas, with people from the same industry, including your competitors. This is how you "benchmark". Before you dash off to implement something, try and find out what others have done, or not done... This is really how you should be using tools like the Internet.

Do you want to raise chickens? That's good, but now go out, and become a member of that industry...go down deep. Yes, learn about the industry...make yourself, a "chicken guru", eat, sleep and talk chickens! If someone asks you about chickens, talk about the Chinese and American industry, tell them who is the biggest player in Nigeria...what type of chickens are preferred in Brazil... Its your game!

My game is telecoms: the other day someone asked me, over dinner about the history of "prepaid service", I gave them a lecture, tracing its history, all the way to the first lab tests, in Israel!
When I open a newspaper or a magazine, I flip through looking for articles, first on telecoms. Anything related to communications... I just devour it!.... Its my game!

So you think, there is nothing about pigs, or rabbits? When you finish reading this, do a search on the Internet about the global "pig industry", or the "rabbit industry"...
Even if you are working in an organization, as a professional, it is important to remain current, about the job you do, and also about the industry you are in. Be proud of what you do.
There is no better way of doing this than subscribing for professional and industry publications.
What you are reading locates, you....its your game! What are you reading?



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