On boarding the underground trains in the UK we are always reminded by a very clear recorded voice saying, " TRAIN APPROACHING, PLEASE MIND THE GAP". The safety authorities understood that in a rush to get on board one can lose concentration which will result in them falling in the gap and be injured or worse still lose their lives.

During any transition everyone involved has to be diligent because a lot of damage can happen, a lot of mistakes can happen, worse still the purpose of the transition can be aborted.
During birth, the mother, the nurse aid and the midwife have to be in concert or else there will be injury to mother or child, or worse still loss of life for either mother or child if not both.

As we go through our transition as a nation we need to all cooperate with what God is about to do and is doing or else we will end up with the wrong leadership, injury, loss of life or no leadership at all. PLEASE NOT THAT THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HAVING LEADERSHIP AND HAVING LEADERS, YOU CAN STILL HAVE LEADERS BUT HAVE NO LEADERSHIP FOR THE NATION.
The transition from David to Solomon is both an interesting one as well an instructive one for us as Zimbabweans. It is crucial that we always understand the roles of people in a transition so that we do not fall in the gap. I must note that the only difference between this transition and ours is that David had advised his family who would be the next king whilst in our situation this is different.

Herewith some analysis of roles and characters in the transition between David and Solomon as narrated in 1 Kings 1

ADONIJAH THE OPPORTUNIST - Whilst Adonijah was the elder to Solomon he knew that the kingship was destined for Solomon but decided that he would try his luck which failed dismally. We have many of our politicians who would like to compete for leadership starting at local government up to national government who are just opportunists. these need to be exposed so we can move on as a nation. Opportunists have a selfish ambition.

NATHAN THE PROPHET WHO IS THE LOYALIST - Nathan took action when he realised that the nation would be plunged into chaos by opportunists. The prophetic voice of the church must now become very clear or else The Church will be known to have blended in when things began to fall in the GAP. The church has to remain loyal to the vision of Zimbabwe as God gives it rather than the vision and whims of personalities.

DAVID THE REALIST - David was a true realist. He knew that he was too old and about to die so he had made it very clear that his son Solomon would be the king. He did not want to bring about chaos in the next generation so he planned his succession in advance. THIS IS THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM for all political parties willing to contest the next harmonized elections. NONE OF THEM HAVE A SUCCESSION PLAN.

SOLOMON THE STRATEGIST - Solomon appears not to panic when his elder brother proclaims himself king because he knew that being king was not through "NATION OPINION POLLS" but through the following, 1) He had to be anointed by Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet, 2) He had to ride on the king's mule, 3) He had to sit on the throne. AMAZINGLY SOLOMON'S REACTION ENSURED THAT THIS WOULD BE A BLOODLESS TRANSITION. WE PRAY FOR A PEACEFUL AND BLOODLESS TRANSITION. LET THOSE WHO HAVE EARS HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT IS SAYING.


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