A Chat With Kevin, My Barber...

My barber, Kevin is a great craftsman, at his trade. And also a very good entrepreneur. Whenever he comes to cut my hair, he always uses the opportunity to ask me, lots of incisive questions: smart boy! This week he asked me, how he should invest $5000, that he has saved up. He wanted to go out and buy shares. Something he said, however, made me think about this post:
 A Chat With Kevin, My Barber...

"My business area, of cutting hair does not have much scope for growth... I was thinking of something like shares, or even property.."
"Really?", I asked, quite surprised. Then I added:
"To me it is as big as my own business area of telecoms."
"Let's talk about your business area. Do you really know how big, it is?"
So, we talked for half an hour, about his business area. I told him, about entrepreneurs, I knew who have made billions, in the industry, in which he is a part.
"That machine, you are using to cut my hair; who makes it?"
"Those oils, that you use for my hair.... Those shampoos...."
"How big is the global industry, in men's hair care products, and services, of which cutting hair is just a small part?"

Now that Kevin's imagination had been set free, he began to tell me, things about this amazing industry of which he is a part. There and then, Kevin, began to have great new ideas.... Maybe I will invest in his next venture! You can make a global industry, from whatever you are doing.

What about you?
Do you remember my post: "what is that in your hand?"
- use what is in your hand.
It does not matter, how small, and insignificant it may appear. You are already in a global business.
- turn your passion, into your business. Have fun.
Do you know, a businessman, called Tiger Woods?
Aaah. Now you get it.

The End.


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