REVEALED TO SERVE SERIES: Doing Business In Zimbabwe In Our Time

It is God’s desire to bless us financially. Be faithful with the talents you have been given and multiply them. We are going to have to be economically empowered to advance the kingdom of God. Here are some 8 pointers for doing business:

 1. Business has a time and chance – If you are offered a job that you might not want, take it. Start selling things if you have no job offer. In time you will arrive at your destiny. Joseph accepted to be Potiphar’s maid. In prison his gift of interpreting dreams elevated him.

2. Business is easier to obtain than to maintain – We obtained independence as a nation. At first things were flowing smoothly; we had enough. Then we had to import maize from Zambia. It is easier to obtain than to maintain at a business level or even at a national level. Maintain what you obtained.

3. There are sharks in the world – Be alert even when doing business with fellow Christians. Don’t be naïve. Put things in writing and make people sign. There are hyenas waiting to claim your kill.

4. Dealing with debt – Do not be too comfortable with debt you can get addicted to it. A debtor is always a slave to the lender. You have to sell some stuff to rid yourself of debt. Live within your means.

REVEALED TO SERVE SERIES: Doing Business In Zimbabwe In Our Time
5. Monitoring cash flow – Employ regular and successive monitoring of cash flow. If someone owes you something make sure you get even the little that they give you, not wait to get all of it at once. Be wise like the steward in Luke 16:1-9.

6. Controlling overheads – Overheads are people! Many businesses are wrecked because of overstaffing. Moreover, if you are not paying people tell them to stay at home. Unpaid people end up pilfering or diverting business to competitors for a commission!

7. Reinforcing failure –If a project fails move on to something profitable. Imagine Joseph in prison crying to go back to being a maid. Examine whether the failure falls in the product itself, the service or the implementation then move on.

8. Talent – Identify, hire, nurture, reward and protect talent from poachers. Talented people seek to show what they can do and are not in it primarily for the money. In addition, don’t micro- manage talent; give it a chance to flourish.


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