Michael Jordan At Bottom Of Sports Billionaires List

So many aspire to be a celebrity or an athlete simply because the words “fame” and “fortune” are typically conjunctive in a statement. 

But the words fame and fortune being joined together regularly does not make them synonymous any more than a husband is to a wife. This rings true in the case of Michael Jordan being referred to as “the most famous rookie on the billionaires list” by Forbes. After further scrutiny of the list, you see Jordan is also the least rich of the sports billionaires on the list.

Jordan’s wealth rose to an even $1 billion last year due to an equity stake in the NBA Charlotte Hornets team, according to Forbes. The former superstar-athlete turned businessman debuted on the list at number 1174 out of 1826 billionaires in the world, and as the 20th sports billionaire out of 20, according to AP.
Michael Jordan At Bottom Of Sports Billionaires List
At the top of the sports billionaires list is NBA Clippers team owner Steve Ballmer whose wealth is listed as $21.5 billion, according to AP. Ballmer’s wealth also makes him the 35th wealthiest person in the world, according to Forbes.

In other rankings, it is imperative to note that Jordan is also only one of only eleven black billionaires throughout the world on the Forbes list. Others include Nigerian energy magnate Femi Otedola and Angolan investor Isabel dos Santos.

Here is the AP list of sports-related billionaires by name (affiliation), net worth and worldwide rank in terms of net worth:

  1. Steve Ballmer (Clippers), $21.5 billion, 35
  2. Paul Allen (Seahawks), $17.5 billion, 51
  3. Stephen Ross (Dolphins), $6.5 billion, 216
  4. Stanley Kroenke (Rams), $6.3 billion, 225
  5. Robert Kraft (Patriots), $4.3 billion,381
  6. Jerry Jones (Cowboys), $4.2 billion, 393
  7. Bernard Ecclestone (Formula One), $3.9 billion, 435
  8. Stephen Bisciotti (Ravens), $2.7 billion, 690
  9. Arthur Blank (Falcons), $2.5 billion, 737
  10. Robert McNair (Texans), $2.4 billion, 782
  11. James France (NASCAR), $2.1 billion, 894
  12. Tom Benson (Saints, Pelicans), $1.9 billion, 1006
  13. James Irsay (Colts), $1.75 billion, 1105
  14. Daniel Snyder (Redskins), $1.7 billion, 1118
  15. Leslie Alexander (Rockets), $1.6 billion, 1190
  16. John Henry (Red Sox, Liverpool Soccer), $1.6 billion, 1190
  17. Frank Fertitta (Ultimate Fighting), $1.5 billion, 1250
  18. Lorenzo Fertitta (Ultimate Fighting), $1.5 billion, 1250
  19. Arturo Moreno (Billboards), $1.5 billion, 1250
  20. Jerry Reinsdorf (Bulls), $1.3 million, 1415
  21. Alexander Spanos (Chargers), $1.25 billion,1500
  22. Jeffrey Lurie (Eagles), $1.1 billion, 1638
  23. Michael Jordan (Hornets), $1 billion, 1741


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