Special Request - Let's All Pray For Morgan Tsvangirai

EDITOR, It made sad reading when MDC deputy president Thokozani Khupe this week appealed to ordinary Zimbabweans to pray for her boss Morgan Tsvangirai who is currently sidelined by illness.

It is even sad that his illness seems to getting more serious with the 2018 elections around the corner.

Tsvangirai last year stunned the public when he revealed he had been diagnosed with cancer of the colony and that he was receiving treatment in neighbouring South Africa.

The former prime minister in the inclusive government was rushed to Johannesburg in September after he fell ill during a meeting of the MDC Alliance principals.

The appeal by Khupe shows that all is not well with him.
Special Request - Let's All Pray For Morgan Tsvangirai
She was quoted in the press saying: "I am appealing to all of you here to put president Morgan Tsvangirai in your prayers because he is one of those who is suffering from cancer."

"I am sure you have heard that in the past few weeks he was not well but I met him last week and I also spoke to him yesterday.

"So I am saying please let's remember him in our prayers because I know that through prayer nothing is impossible."

One wonders what will happen to the opposition in 2018 if Tsvangirai's health continues to deteriorate.

Cancer is a serious ailment whose cure has serious side effects.

I would like to encourage all Zimbabweans to join hands in praying for Tsvangirai to get better and see Zimbabwe get into the future that he has fought for in the last decades.

Get well soon Tsvangirai.

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